5 Tips to Create an Amazing Organic Terrace Garden

Organic vegetables are the best there is available today, without any fear of harming our body. It is grown with the perfect organic farming methods without the use of pesticides and fertilizers. It is as natural you can get in your food habits. But organic products can be a little costly for daily use and going to market to get a fresh stock everyday can get stressful. Instead, you can make your own garden in your balcony or terrace and grow your own organic vegetables. It can be a good hobby while being cost effective, but also requires maintenance. Otherwise, your garden will not last long enough to eat the fruits of your labor. These tips will help you create an idle organic garden which will be rewarding and keep your garden healthy and growing.


Analyse your space

A terrace garden is the best option you can have if you are living in a city and have a terrace. It will provide an ample source of sunlight throughout the day. Special arrangements can be made for the plants which do not require much sunlight. If you do not have a private home, you can still make the garden possible in your balcony, or make sure that your housing society does not have any problems with you creating a terrace garden. Make sure that you do not stuff the place with pots that you have no space left to move.

Find the right containers

Not necessarily you require the earthen pots for your garden. Spending on pots is only suggested when you do not have any other option. You can be creative and use different containers for pots, such as bottles, jars, paint buckets and old boots. You only need a container which can hold the soil and can provide the support to your plants. You can also use old cement and rice bags for the purpose.

Buy 100% organic seeds

Make sure that you are purchasing from a trusted retailer while purchasing organic seeds. Even with online websites, it is pretty easy to find the source of the products with a little research. There are different varieties of organic seeds to choose from. Make sure that the seeds are fresh and not too old to be inefficient of growing. Rely on a store which specializes in producing only organic seeds.

Learn easy plants first

Start slow! You do not have to jump into producing the most complex vegetables. Start with simple plants which does not require much hardwork and attention. Use plants which are less vulnerable to pests so that you do not have to worry much about maintenance. Once you have success with the easy ones like Spinach, Chillies, Mint etc. , you can move to more complex ones like cabbage, tomatoes, onions, radish, etc.

Use proper tools

If you can taking gardening as a hobby, make sure you have the right tools for it so that you are serious about it. It will also make gardening more fun. Some of the necessary tools are sprayers, composters, shovels, and gloves.